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Tips for Better Hotel Booking
For a lot of people, including well-traveled jet-setters, booking a hotel can be a hassle. One would expect that with so many modern conveniences and innovations around, booking could have been a lot easier as time goes by. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be the case. With so many different hotel booking prices courtesy of different agencies, it's easy to see why some people would rather risk going to a hotel without any reservation at all. Here are some helpful tips on how to get great hotel deals while also booking rooms without the usual inconveniences.

1.    Book the hotel directly.
With so many travel sites scrambling to become the middle-men of hotel reservations, it gets really confusing. Sometimes people even forget that they don't really need these agencies. In fact, it's more likely that people are to get better deals when calling the hotel directly for a reservation. Even if these travel and booking agencies offer the same prices, it's preferable to still call the hotel. Some people are also bold enough to ask hotels for outright discounts, citing that the hotel would be able to earn more with their direct haggling instead of spending on commissions for booking sites, although it's worth mentioning that this might not work all the time. In addition to this, communicating directly to the hotel eliminates some misunderstandings and possible miscommunications.

2.    Inquire about loyalty programs.
Some hotels don't mention these programs outright. Most of them actually don't. But for customers who are visiting certain hotels frequently, a loyalty program is likely to be provided. Whether customers are booking hotels for long term stay or for short but frequent visits, it's probably a good idea to ask the front desk if they have loyalty programs. More likely than not, they would have one.

3.    Leverage on social media or internet popularity.
If a customer is someone who is quite popular and active on the Internet, it's a good idea to mention it to the hotel's front desk. This is especially true if the customer is into travel and leisure blogs or even hotel and restaurant reviews. It might sound like asking for preferential treatment, but that's practically what it is and there's no shame in taking advantage of it. Influencers are likely to get perks and discounts just so that the management can hope that this hotel is highly rated on the next blog post or hotel review.

4.    Make use of mobile apps.
As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of modern conveniences provided by technology, and it includes hotel booking applications. With these being highly accessible on mobile devices, it's definitely worth downloading for the frequent traveler. On the other hand, some hotels have their own apps, which is preferable than ones offered by booking agencies because as mentioned earlier, it's better to contact the hotel directly. If apps are cluttering the mobile phone however, customers can opt instead to do their reservations directly on hotel websites, assuming they do have one.